Trewel Towers on

Trewel Towers is a VR Tower defence game where you use your arsonel of diffrent woapons and towers to defend the keep from an incoming goblin invasion.
My Role: Art Lead/ 3D Artist/ UI artist

Color Shooter on

A 3D puzzle shooter where you must navigate an empty envirenment as you fill it with color to use diffrent abilities and traverse the world.
My role: Artist/ Level Designer/ Lead Designer

Neon Flip on

Neon Flip is a 2D/ 3D platformer where you must switch between perspectives to naviate a winding neon voxel world
My Role: Artist/ Level Designer/ Lead Designer

Cable Management on

A limited maze like puzzler where you need to plug in different colored cables in a variety of diffrent levels that will leave your brain tangled
My Role: Mono Dev

Null/Void on

Sample text. Click to select the text box. Click again or double click to start editing the text.

Splashin Sumo on

Experimental Control game where you use cups of water to control a sumo fighter in a n intence and wet battle
My Role: Mono Dev


Game Artist

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